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Updated on Thursday 15th July 2021

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What is the Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Greek Company Register?

The Greek Chambers of Commerce and Industry forms statutory advisory entities of the Government regarding issues of the National Economy in general and contain information regarding the legal form of companies/partnerships, business names, contact details of companies, information on who is the managing partners/executive directors of service providers. Is helping the Greek economical development (by informing its members regarding the business development).

The first Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1836 following the order “Regarding the establishment of chambers of commerce and commercial entities”.

The ACCI register is relevant for the following service activities: industry, services provision, export and construction and the information is available to all competent authorities.

The Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1907 and it’s the oldest Chamber of Greece. It has information regarding finance, industry and commerce.

The Greek Chamber of Commerce is requesting all the companies to become members. This way it holds their structure and transactions according to the specific national needs and the international standard.

How can a company register in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry?

Before registering a new company in Greece, the entrepreneur must receive the approval from the local Chamber of Commerce and industry.

The founder must submit to a certified Notary Public all the required documents and duty for the incorporation. The name can be proposed by the founders, in order to proceed with the pre-check of the company's name. After this, the procedure continues with the pre-check and pre-registration of the company’s name and distinctive title with the Chamber of Commerce. If the name is approved, a Registration Certificate is issued.

In case of major changes (regarding company status, replacement of management etc.) the Register must be notified.

How to check the information from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry?

It’s very simple to check the information registered at the Greek Chamber of Commerce/Greek Company Register and Industry, either as a personal inquiry or online.

For example the information from the Athens Commerce Chamber and Industry register can be checked through the following services: European Business Register, Member Companies Search and Export Directory. If the information is checked to EBR here are the steps that have to be taken: fill out the appropriate form and pay a specific fee.

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