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Holding Company in Greece

Updated on Saturday 06th November 2021

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Holding-Company-in-Greece.jpgA holding company in Greece defines a type of business which can be incorporated for non-commercial purposes. The main characteristic of a holding company is that its main activity is to purchase shares in other companies, with the purpose of establishing a group of entities in which the main company (the holding) has the main managerial rights. 
If you want to open a company in Greece as a holding company it is necessary to be aware of the fact that this entity can be taxed following a different tax regime than the one of commercial companies, such as the limited liability company or the public limited company. 
However, this company type along with all other legal entities that are available under the Greek law, are liable to taxation; our team of consultants in company registration in Greece can provide a presentation concerning the tax system applicable to a holding and can also help investors register this entity with the local authorities. 

What is the tax regime applicable to a holding company in Greece?

As said above, the holding company is required to pay various corporate taxes, in accordance with the tax laws applicable in this country. The company can also enjoy from a special tax regime, which implies that the company can be exempted from the payment of various taxes, as long as specific requirements are met. 
Please mind that a holding company in Greece does not need to hold shares only in other companies registered in this country. The holding is entitled to expand beyond the country where the company has its tax residence. Provided that the holding will hold interest in foreign companies, specific rules will apply, based on the locations where such companies are registered. 
For instance, in the case of a holding group that is situated in countries that are members of the European Union (EU), a holding company in Greece can benefit from the provisions of the EU Parent – Subsidiary Directive, as the structure of the holding is basically the one of a company that acts as a parent company and which controls the operations of its subsidiaries which can be located in the same country where the parent is located, or in other countries. 
Our team of consultants in company formation in Greece can provide more information on the regulations that derive from the EU Parent - Subsidiary Directive and if you are interested in this, please do not hesitate to address to our team for tax advice. Below, you can find out some information regarding the taxation system in Greece
  • tax exemptions can be applied for a Greek holding company under the EU Parent – Subsidiary Directive 90/435/EEU;
  • this will apply if the holding is a EU based company that holds at least 10% of the shares of Greek company;
  • the 10% shareholding has to be maintained for a period of at least 2 years (consecutive years);
  • if all the above conditions are satisfied, then the holding company will not be liable for the payment of the withholding tax and this is applied on the taxation of dividends if the same 10% shareholding is maintained for minimum 2 years;
  • in the case in which the dividends are distributed, then a corporate tax charged at a rate of 15% will apply. 

What are the accounting obligations of a holding company in Greece?

Investors who will start the process of company formation in Greece will have to comply with a set of accounting procedures. They will also be required to submit specific financial documents, as a part of the reporting laws applicable here. The same is necessary for a holding company in Greece
According to the Greek laws, a holding company is not required to comply with other accounting and reporting requirements than the ones imposed to commercial companies, and, as long as the company is a tax resident in this country, its obligations will be as required by the applicable accounting law. 
For instance, a holding company in Greece needs to develop its daily operations, in accordance with the rules stated in its incorporation documents. The company must appoint a yearly shareholders’ meeting and to maintain the financial documents which attest its daily operations and transactions. 
Here, such companies are required to maintain their bookkeeping and, at the end of the financial year, the company should submit information regarding its financial performance. Our team of consultants can provide more details; if you need accounting services in Greece, you can always rely on our team, where you will find accountants ready to assist in the accounting procedures of all company types (differences can appear based on the company type and the size of the company). 

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