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Updated on Thursday 13th January 2022

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CPA-in-Greece.jpgCPA in Greece refers to the acronym defining the certified public accountants, which represent a branch of accountancy in Greece. The public accountant does similar work activities as the regular accountant, the one who provides his or her services to commercial companies and to individuals, but there are few important differences, which can be explained by our specialists in company formation in Greece.
In other words, it must be known that all CPAs are accountants and they can provide basic accounting services for those who want to open a company in Greece, such as local and foreign investors, but on the other hand, not all accountants are CPAs, as becoming a CPA requires a higher level of professional skills and more accreditations, which can allow the accountant to perform more complex accounting activities, offered to more complex structures, such as public institutions. 

What are the main activities of a CPA in Greece?

The CPA is entitled to complete basic accounting documents and to provide simple accountancy in Greece, that can serve to see the financial situation of a company or of a public entity. This is one of the main activities of all accountants, but in the case of a CPA, the list of activities allowed to develop is much more complex. 
For instance, the CPA is entitled to provide tax advice and planning to companies and other corporate bodies, meaning that the CPA can act as a tax advisor. The CPA can represent the company in matters of audit and other similar procedures that can assess the financial status of a business. 
Through the services of the CPA, a company can find better solutions in order to reduce the tax burden or to find better solutions for the business. A simple accountant does not have the right to offer tax consultancy services, as his or her main job is to provide an accurate image of the company’s finances and to prepare the financial documents as per the requirements of the Greek law, and then submit them in due time. 
The CPA in Greece can also act as the person who offers management advice, in the sense that the CPA can advise the company’s management structure and shareholders on the most effective ways to invest the company’s money. The CPA can provide better solutions in budgeting, offer risk management solutions and help in matters related to the real estate belonging to the company or to any other real estate investments. 
In this sense, you can always rely on our team of specialists in Greek company formation, as they also have expertise in these fields, besides offering company incorporation services to local and foreign clients (registering the company, obtaining certificates, licenses and permits, etc.).  

How can a person become a CPA in Greece?

An accountant can start his or her activities even with a high-school diploma that certifies the person in developing this activity (after graduating from a school that has accountancy in Greece as a specialization). For becoming a CPA, a university degree is mandatory, regardless if the person has graduated from a local or foreign university. 
Graduating from tertiary studies is the main requirement, but the accountant can truly become a CPA in Greece only after passing an examination held by the main institution which regulates this profession. For this, it is necessary to obtain a certification from the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece
Persons who register for the examination will have to follow a basic course provided by the institution, created in accordance with the European Union’s law. In the list below, you can discover some of the main requirements in order to become a CPA in Greece
  • the accountant who wants to become a CPA must have a bachelor degree in accordance with the Law 4449/Article 7;
  • all CPAs must pass the examination held by the above mentioned institute, in accordance with the Law 4449/Article 9;
  • after passing the examination, the CPAs must have a total practice experience of 5 years, according to the Law 4449/Article 11;
  • it must be noted that on yearly basis, approximately 1,000-1,100 people apply for the professional examination, but only 200 become trainees after the examination;
  • in April 2020, Greece had a total of 917 registered CPAs
For businessmen who want to open a company in Greece as a small business, the services of regular accountant can be sufficient, but for those who want to start a large company, the services of a CPA will be necessary. The same applies for investors who want to register a public company. In all cases, we invite you to contact our team of consultants in company registration in Greece for more information on the main corporate accounting services that can be offered to businesses. 

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